About Us: You’re Our Family

Tabby Cat Sleeping in Owners Hands

Dr. Nathan Wehrli and our staff understand that your pet is a cherished and beloved friend who deserves the best care available. At Family Pet Veterinary Practice, we provide a comprehensive range of services while holding ourselves to the highest standards of veterinary medicine. From the moment you walk through our door, you and your pet are treated like part of our family. We are committed to open and honest communication, and the well being of our animal patients is our number one priority. Make an appointment with us today and get the care and respect that you and your pet deserve.

The Family Pet Veterinary Practice...

...is committed to providing compassionate healthcare to our patients and our clients.

...fosters an environment of loyalty, respect and equality. Recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our clients and staff.

...is committed to open and honest communication.

...values staff training and growth, and promotes constant education in order to continually improve the care we provide.

...sets and maintains high service standards and holds individuals accountable to those standards.