We have been open for business, as an essential service, throughout the Covid-19 response. Since we opened, our practice operates with only 1 or 2 veterinarians at a time. Therefore, the numbers of staff and clients in the building at any time are relatively low. We made a number of adjustments and have been operating continuously, as safely as we are able. Our changes are as follows:

Masks: All staff must wear masks while on duty, and all people entering our business must do the same.

Social Distancing: Our reception has been divided into two zones, each of which can be used by only 1 set of visitors. Extra groups who need to wait may be put into a clean empty exam room, or may opt to wait outside or in their parked vehicle. Owners will wait in these areas, while their pets are seen in our treatment room. The veterinarian will generally come up and speak to owners in person, although masked and standing at a short distance. If requested, the vet can also call you on your mobile phone.

Cleaning: Before Covid-19, our goal when cleaning was to prevent the spread of germs between our animal patients. Now there is more emphasis on prevention between people. Fortunately, the antiseptic cleaners we use are already effective against the Covid-19 virus. We are making sure to sanitize more frequently, especially things like door handles, light switches, payment terminals, etc. We have also placed air purifiers and hand sanitizers in the practice.

We are all trying to do our best during a difficult time. Let's stay safe.