We have been open for business, as an essential service, throughout the Covid-19 response. Since we opened, our practice operates with only 1 or 2 veterinarians at a time. Therefore, the numbers of staff and clients in the building at any time are relatively low. We made a number of adjustments to operate safely, such as mask wearing, social distancing, and improved cleaning protocols.

In July of 2021, many of Maryland's Covid restrictions were lifted. However, because we are a health facility, we still require all staff to wear masks while on duty. All people entering our business must do the same.

For exams, owners may choose whether to accompany their pet into the exam room with the veterinarian and staff (as was done pre-Covid), or to wait in reception while the exam takes place in our treatment room (as was done during full Covid restrictions). The veterinarian will generally come up and speak to owners in person, although masked and standing at a short distance. If requested, the vet can also call you on your mobile phone.

We are all trying to do our best during a difficult time. Let's stay safe.